Sometime adresses are not easy to find in the Algarve. 

Is your house on a hard-to-find location? Then we ask you to make it a bit easier for us to find your place, by sending us the coordinates of your address.

How to find those coordinates?

1. Open Google maps 

2. Typ your address in the search bar at the left side

3. Zoom untill you are just in front of your enterance. 

With a tablet or mobile phone: Keep your finger on the spot and the red mark will go to that spot. The corresponding coordinates will appear at the left side, directely under the streetview display. (Pict. 1)

On a laptop: Drag the orange marker (bottom right) to the place where you live. The marking will stay on that place, and the coördinates will appear mid bottom on the map. (Pict. 2)

4.  Copy those coordinates on our CONTACT page and sent.  You only need to do this once. We will keep your coordinates in our database. 

Pict. 1


Pict. 2